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5.4 Grants, Funds and Loans


The College supports students in a range of different ways. One of these is financially. One way that Selwyn students can benefit is through the various sources of support that are available centrally to students from all Colleges. Generally the way these can be accessed is through your Tutor, and sometimes the Senior Tutor, making a case to the relevant University body. The range of grants and funds is extensive. Please consult

If there are problems with your granting authority, as well as consulting your Tutor, you should, in the first instance, consult the relevant University pages and contact your funding body. 

Like all Colleges, Selwyn has funds of its own for use in cases of student hardship or other need. Accessing the University funds can be dependent on a College contribution.

In addition there are various funds that are less to do with hardship or particular needs and targeted instead at particular activities or subject areas.

This section of the Guide outlines what is available in all three of these categories.