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4.2 Personal Safety


Cambridge feels very safe. In many ways it is. Yet be aware that it is a middle-sized city and that it is not immune to issues that affect any such place. Be aware of risks that you may face as you would anywhere else. Look after and secure valuables, for example don’t leave your room open and unoccupied. And take sensible precautions if you go out, especially in the hours of darkness. It is important you take all due precaution when walking in the city at night. In particular, you should avoid doing so alone. If you are out at night on your own it is best to let someone know where you are going. Keep to busy streets as far as possible, and to well-lit areas. Keep your phone with you and if necessary use the light function, or carry a small torch in case of need.

If you need to get a taxi back to Selwyn, the JCR will refund the fare. If you wish to make a claim, you should obtain a signed receipt from the taxi driver that states the date and time of travel, the destination and starting place, and that you were alone. Then write your own name on the receipt and place it in the JCR Treasurer’s pigeonhole.

If you find yourself without cash but still needing a taxi, the Duty Porter will pay the fare on arrival at College, but of course you are expected to repay the loan at the earliest practicable time.

If you need help when you are in Cambridge but away from Selwyn, you can go to the Porters’ Lodge of any College. Having established your identity, the Porters will contact Selwyn Porters’ Lodge on your behalf or provide other assistance.

4.2.1 Personal Safety in College

The College is a relatively safe environment. However, thefts and other intrusions do occasionally occur. The following sensible precautions should always be taken:

  • Never leave your room unlocked, even when you are in a nearby room, toilet or shower.
  • Be cautious about letting strangers into your room.
  • Safeguard your keys.
  • Avoid leaving valuable items on view, especially in ground floor rooms.
  • If you live on the ground floor, lock the windows before you go out.
  • Always ensure that the outer door of hostels is kept locked; the same applies to staircases which have lockable outer doors.

The Porters make annual presentations on security, personal safety and fire safety awareness to new students as part of the Freshers’ Week programme, which all undergraduate Freshers are required to attend.

4.2.2 Reporting Accidents

It is a legal requirement for an accident report form (available from the Porters’ Lodge) to be completed after any accident. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is done, although if one of the Porters has been involved they will write the report. Incidents in which a student requires medical attention within or outside College (including any visits to the hospital) must be reported; so must any incidents to which an ambulance or paramedics are called.