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5. Finance


Student Support

The College supports students in many ways. One of these is financially. When they experience unforeseen financial problems, Selwyn students benefit from the various sources of support that are available centrally to students from all Colleges. The way to access such support is through your Tutor. The range of grants and funds is extensive.
Secondly, and like all Colleges, Selwyn has funds of its own for use in cases of student hardship or other need. Accessing the University funds can be dependent on a College contribution.
In addition there are various funds that are less to do with hardship or need and targeted instead at particular activities or subject areas.
This section of the Guide outlines what is available in all three of these categories.

Student Support Application Form


All freshers have received a summary document that brings together a range of matters which are also covered in this section of the Student Guide. The document is available through this link in Section 10. 

Bills and Charges

The Bursar is responsible for the finances of the College. The Finance Manager supervises the day-to-day work of the Bursary.

The Bursary issues College bills at the beginning of each term via email to your address, with details of how to pay. Each bill includes the room rent and other charges, see ‘Your College Bill Explained‘. Those students who have not opted for a fee loan will also have to pay their Tuition Fee via the College, in termly instalments. The College then passes this on to the University.

There is a separate College Fee, payable by those students who are not publicly funded. (These are mainly overseas students, those Home or EU students who have received public funds before, or those who do not qualify under the UK/EU residence criteria). This fee is for teaching and administration, and other general overheads of running the College. The fee sheet for the current year is available here.

The final bill will be emailed to you early July. Please note that you cannot graduate if you still owe money to the College or to the University. Any adjustments and the return of key deposits will be made in mid-July.

Payment of your bill can be made in person at the Bursary, or online. Alternatively, you may leave your cheque at the Porters’ Lodge. The deadlines for payment are printed on each bill and you are expected to pay your bills by the appointed time. As a charity the College is obliged to take steps to remedy anything that weakens the College’s financial position. So failure to do so will effectively lead to higher student charges. If you experience a problem over the deadline, please consult your Tutor in advance of that date. Try to sort things out quickly as interest is charged on unauthorised late payments. (See Late Payment Charges).

Any queries about your College bill should be taken to the Bursary (located on the Ground Floor of the College Offices in Ann’s Court) in the first instance. If issues relating to your bill cannot be resolved in this way, you should consult your Tutor or the Bursar.

If you are, or anticipate that you may be, in financial difficulty of any sort, you should consult your Tutor or the Bursar as soon as possible. The College and the University have some funds to assist those who are suffering financial hardship through no fault of their own, or owing to changed circumstances which could not have been anticipated.

Summary of Fees and Charges.