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1. Introduction and Overview


COVID-19 and the contents of this guide

This Guide sets out ‘normal practice’ in relation to life and study at Selwyn. Inevitably the impact of Covid-19 in 2020-21 means that there will be significant variations to that practice, with the variations themselves likely subject to frequent change. Please see the College's dedicated COVID pages for up to date information and guidance.

Rather than attempt the very significant task of amending the Guide to align with the College's Covid-19 policies, which would itself then need frequent revision, we are setting out the policies and practices we hope to return to as soon as possible, with Covid-19 requirements articulated elsewhere. Where there is a conflict between the two, the Covid-19 policies and practices take precedence. If you are in any doubt, please ask the your Tutor.

How To Use This Guide

The information provided in this part of the website constitutes Selwyn College's Student Guide. Along with its companion, the Student Accommodation Handbook, they aim to pull together the information you will need to know about how the University and College work and your role as a student as Selwyn. They are useful for new students and will remain important throughout a student’s time at Selwyn.

This Guide has sections covering everything from the arrangements for coming into residence for the first time, all the way through to how to arrange for graduation. Please familiarise yourself with the contents at the start of your course and bookmark it so that you can easily find information again when you need it.

The information is very full, but life at Selwyn is not excessively hemmed in by rules and regulations. The size of the College and its tradition of openness mean that we seek to remain as informal as possible. Fellows and staff are accommodating and helpful, especially if approached in the right way. However, any institution needs to have some rules to enable it to function smoothly, and in a community with many people living at close quarters, often working under pressure, the rules help everyone to live together happily.

The various sections of this Guide are organised to help you find as easily as possible the various pieces of advice and information you will need, for example should you need to interact with central University bureaucracy and procedures or should you need support. As well as contact details and information about student life, there are pages that offer help in understanding the way we teach and learn in Cambridge; assistance with access to welfare and support networks; help with financial matters; and guidance on such things as facilities and activities, discipline, life beyond Selwyn. If you are new to Selwyn and the University it is especially recommended that you read carefully through the sections on ‘Your Work’ and ‘Support and Advice’. As to the rest of the Guide, please look over all the topics so that you know what is in there should you need to refer to it at a later date.

The Guide will be updated through the year as new information becomes available or as policy decisions are made. This also means that it is possible to respond if there are any errors or omissions in this guide. If so, or if you have suggestions. please contact me.

Dr Mike Sewell 

Senior Tutor