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3. Personal Welfare and Pastoral Support


Becoming part of a world class academic community brings exciting challenges and opportunities. It can also be stressful. Everyone manages stress in their own way and many students find that the support of their family and friends is all they require to help them cope. For those who need it, Selwyn also provides a wide range of pastoral support through the Tutorial system. Tutors are the best person to whom to reach put if things go wrong. They also play a key role in the College’s Fitness to StudyRespect and Dignity, and Academic Committee procedures as well as the University’s Examination complaints and review processes (see more details here). They are also a crucial part of the College’s Harassment and Sexual Misconduct processes.

Your relationships with your Tutor and your Director of Studies form the central part of the extensive support system that is available to you and those two individuals are generally the best ones to approach for initial advice.