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Your finances

A significant feature of living in Selwyn - guaranteed accommodation on a single site for the three or four years of the course - is that you only pay rent for the time that you are in residence (usually around 7 to 8 months). Room rents include all utilities and maintenance charges. Living costs are therefore strikingly low when compared to market rates or even those expected at other universities.

Veterinary students

In addition to the various types of financial support available to our students through government and Cambridge-wide schemes (student loans, Cambridge bursaries and so on), Selwyn has a large number of grants to help our students including, at last count: travel grants (six types); course-related grants (seven types); music-related awards (three types); a chapel fund; sports grants; a range of grants for summer vacation projects; and several other miscellaneous grants.

Financing your course

You'll need to have funds for two areas when studying at Cambridge:

1. Tuition fees

Like most other English universities, in 2022 the tuition fees for UK students studying for their first undergraduate degree is £9,250 per year for all courses (information for EU and Overseas students is below).

2. Other costs

These are whatever else you need to pay for, excluding tuition fees, while you are at university. This will include accommodation, food, personal expenses and there may be course costs/study materials or transport. We estimate that single students need to allow approximately £11,000 per year for living costs (this will vary depending on your lifestyle).

College rents are well below those in the commercial private sector in Cambridge, and also below the average for Universities throughout Britain. Students pay rent for three terms of 70 days each, with a typical weekly rent of around £197, for an ensuite room, including utilities. The actual rent payable varies between £137 and £210 per week, depending on the size and facilities of the accommodation.

The College is fully catered with a cafeteria/dining Hall and cafe-bar; there are limited cooking facilities in some accommodation areas of college. 

Financial Support

There is plenty of support available including government student loans for tuition fees and living costs, government grants, the Cambridge Bursary Scheme.

Some support is available to all UK students. Eligibility for other funding depends on your financial circumstances. Please see for full and further details.

EU students

EU nationals (except Irish nationals living in the UK or Ireland), other EEA and Swiss nationals are no longer be eligible for home fee status.  For most EU students their fee rates will be equivalent to the rates for international students.

International students

Costs will include tuition fees, College fees and living expenses. You will be required to provide evidence (such as a banker’s reference) of your ability to meet the costs of fees and expenses for the duration of the course.

The financial support available for overseas undergraduate students is limited but at Cambridge this includes Cambridge Commonwealth and Overseas Trusts Awards and country specific awards. Few full scholarships are available at undergraduate level; most support is a partial contribution to your overall costs and is means-tested. Please see for full and further details.

For US students wishing to access US federal student loans please see: