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5.1 Summary of Undergraduate Fees and Charges 2019-20


5.1.1 Annual Fees

College Fee (overseas and privately-funded students only:

Matriculation Year









2020         £9,945 £9,945 £9,945 £9,945
2019       £9,702 £9,702 £9,702 £9,702 £9,702
2018     £9,240 £9,240 £9,240 £9,240 £9,240  












Fee for the Course increase 8.0% 10.0% 10.0% 5.0% 2.5%      

  University Composition Fee: The University has introduced a range of fees. For further details see:

5.1.2 Termly Residence Charges


Charge Living In Living Out
Facilities Charge: £192 £52
Minimum Meals Charge Abolished effective 1 October 2018

5.1.3 Room Codes and Weekly Room Rents
















Residence outside Term for educational reasons (requires tutorial support): £24.00  per night
For residence outside Term without educational reasons and Guest Rooms, see Accommodation Officer for prices.


Charge for leaving possessions in room over Christmas and Easter vacation, permission having been given : £12 per night
Occupation of room without permission outside FPR (per night) £47.00 per night
NB: Rent includes utilities.

5.1.4 Deposits and Charges

Graduand Deposit Charged to Easter Term Bill, unused portion returned £100
Key Deposit Charged when a student joins the College, to be returned upon graduating £40
Lost Keys (Charged the earlier of non-return within a week or the cutting of a replacement) £40


Late Payment Charges
Weekly from 3 weeks after Full Term begins, unless otherwise agreed £10
Weekly from 4 weeks after Full Term begins, unless otherwise agreed £20
If the involvement of the Bursar is necessary to ensure collection £30
Tutorial Charges £15
Failure to see Tutor and DoS at the beginning and end of each Term
Failure to complete and submit web exeat form by the deadline date
Change in going down or coming up date (outside FPR) without notice
Failure to check in or out at the Porters’ Lodge using University card
Failure to hand keys in at the Porters’ Lodge at the end of term
Failure to check out of room by specified time for departure
Possessions left in room or lockable cupboards without permission
Lost University card; unless stolen and crime reference number provided £10
Library Fines and Charges: See


Garage and Parking Charges (per Term)
Garage £164
Parking Space £62
Weekly Visitor Parking £15
Special Cycle Storage £21
Students are reminded that they must have a College and University permit to keep a car in Cambridge, which is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

NB: All charges are subject to review during the academic year and may be changed without notice.