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1.3 International Students


Cambridge can be a confusing place for any student. For new arrivals from outside the U.K. there is an extra layer of discovery. One key piece of advice is that you should never hesitate to ask other students, College staff or Fellows if there is anything that you do not understand. No-one will think the worse of you for doing so.

The College will welcome you warmly and to be as supportive as possible as you adapt to study in Cambridge. You will find various parts of the Accommodation Handbook lay out details about such matters as storage of belongings during vacations, residence outside Term and other such issues. In addition, many tabs within these Student Guide pages will cover matters relevant to non-U.K. students.

The uncertainties of the Brexit process are being managed at University level. For up to date information, consult the University’s dedicated resources at:

All non-U.K. should familiarise themselves with the University’s International Students Portal:

This portal provides specialist information and support to students who come from outside the UK to study at Cambridge. The International Student Office is responsible for ensuring that all Cambridge Colleges and the University comply with the general immigration sponsorship duties and specific duties under Tier 4. From the portal you can access the following information:

Student Visas and PBI

Students requiring Visas to study here should pay particular attention to the following pages. One describes how to obtain your BRP.

In addition to these requirements, recently introduced legislation regarding UK immigration and student visas has significantly altered both the process for obtaining a student visa and the monitoring requirements for those who hold such visas. In particular it will be necessary for visa holders to check in (in person) at the start of the academic year and then at beginning of each term during their course. This will be handled by the staff in the Tutorial Office, and those who need to comply with these regulations will be told well in advance what they need to do.

These new regulations are, regrettably, very draconian and so it is absolutely vital that students do not miss any of the checking-in points. To do so will risk deportation, and it will also make it more difficult for College to sponsor overseas students in the future. There is a full guide to immigration matters produced by the University.

Any enquiries regarding student visas should be directed to Miss Gina Vivian-Neal, Tutorial Office Manager.

Further information can also be found on the International Student Office web pages: