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1.1 Contacts


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Important Contacts Name *Phone Email
Senior Tutor Dr Mike Sewell (3)35842 senior-tutor@sel
Dean and Assistant Dean

Dr Charlotte Summers, Professor Grant Stewart

(3)35857 dean@sel
Dean of Chapel & Chaplain Revd Canon Hugh Shilson-Thomas (3)35875 chaplain@sel
Fellow for Grants Professor Daping Chu (3)35876 dpc31
Tutorial Office Manager Miss Gina Vivian-Neal (3)35842 grv21
Librarian Ms Sonya Adams (3)35880 library@sel
Bursar Mr Martin Pierce (3)35892 bursar@sel
Master’s/Bursar’s Assistant Ms Sheila Scarlett (3)35890 svs25
Fellow for Rooms Dr James Moultrie (7)69372 fellow-rooms@sel
Accommodation Officer Ms Alison Benham (7)69339 accommodation@sel
Bursary (Fees & Bills) Mrs Jane Eagle (7)69498 jem52
IT Officer Mr Dave Johnstone (3)35850 helpdesk@sel
Head Porter Miss Helen Stephens (3)35899 headporter@sel
Porters’ Lodge Switchboard (3)35846 porters@sel
HR Manager Mrs Esiri Lawrence (7)64466 em799
Operations Manager Mr Chris Hurcomb (3)36241 cph43
Domus Manager Mrs Sue Jeffries (3)35893 domus-manager@sel
Head of Building and Maintenance  Mrs Gwen Tingey (3)35851 maintenance@sel
Compliance Officer Miss Sue Barnes (7)69271 slb54
  • When calling from within the University network, omit all (3) and (7) prefixes.