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2 What we spend and how we spend it

  • Funding/Income
  • Budgetary and account information
  • Financial audit reports
  • Capital programme
  • Financial regulations and procedures
  • Register of suppliers
  • Procurement and tender procedures and reports
  • Staff pay and grading structures
  • Register of suppliers
  • Procurement and tender procedures and reports
  • Contracts
  • Research funding


The College's main sources of income are academic fees, charges for student residences and catering and income from conferences, the College’s investment portfolio, donations and Gift Aid receipts.  Details are published in the Annual Report and Accounts.

Information about the catering services for students is available on the Food and Drink web page.

Details of student fees and charges are published on the ‘Information for current students’ section of the website.

College charges for conference and bed and breakfast facilities are listed on the Conferences and Events web pages.

The Development & Alumni Relations Office coordinates the College’s fundraising activities.

Budgetary and account information

This can be found in the College Annual Report and Accounts.

Financial audit reports

The College is required by statute to present audited financial statements for each financial year.  The Cambridge colleges are classed as a special case for purposes of accounting and publish accounts in a form stipulated by Statute G III 2(i) of the University, ‘The Recommended Cambridge Colleges Accounts’ (“RCCA”), which is based on Financial Reporting Standards and is compliant with the Statement of Recommended Practice: Accounting for Further and Higher Education.  The Intercollegiate Colleges’ Accounts Committee advises on interpretation.  The College is a charity within the meaning of the Taxes Act 1988, s 506 (1). 

The College’s Audit Report is part of the College Annual Report and Accounts.

Capital programme

Please submit a request for any information to the Freedom of Information Officer at

Financial regulations and procedures

Details of the College’s accounting policies may be found in the Annual Report and Accounts.  Please submit a request for any other information to the FOI Officer at

Staff pay and grading structures

The College’s salaries are determined by the Council. The salaries are normally equated to points (or a range of points) on the University Single Salary Spine but the College does not use the University scales and gradings.

The College’s salaries are independently reviewed annually, having regard, especially when considering the cost of living increases, to the negotiations and agreements reached by the University with the unions. The decision as to whether the cost of living increases or other periodic adjustments of the University’s terms and conditions are appropriate to or affordable by the College is made annually by the College Council.

Register of suppliers

The College does not have an approved list of suppliers, but in order to obtain best value for money engages in various consortium purchasing arrangements. The details of those arrangements are not included in this publication scheme for reasons of commercial confidentiality.


Procurement and tender procedures and reports

Normal practice in relation to capital works is to procure them through a tendering process.


Please submit a request for any information to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Officer at

Research funding

While the majority of Selwyn’s academic staff are supported through the University of Cambridge for research purposes, the College is able to provide a limited number of Research Fellowships.

  • Details of College Music awards, travel grants and funds for subject-related activities and vacation placements are provided in the Grants & Funds section of the student guide.  The University also provides a number of financial Hardship Support Funds which Selwyn students may apply for.  .