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The College has a statutory obligation under Prevent legislation to take reasonable measures to meet the requirements of that law. The Senior Tutor is the College’s ‘Prevent Lead’ and is responsible for the implementation of policies. He chairs the Prevent Committee. That brings together Junior and Senior members of the College and key College staff to coordinate our approach. Liaison with the JCR and MCR is a key element of this Committee’s role.

The College’s obligations fall into three categories: Freedom of Speech, Prevent duties, and the activities of faith communities within College and involving College members. The duties imposed upon the College include the monitoring of small and large events, both informal and formal, at which any outside speakers are involved as well as other activities that fall within the government’s definition of ‘radicalisation’.

The College policies on Freedom of SpeechExternal Events and Speakers, Chapel Management and Faith Groups lay out the College’s strong commitment both to freedom of speech and its compliance with the statutory requirements.