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7.8 The JCR (Junior Combination Room)


The Junior Combination Room (‘JCR’) refers to the undergraduate student body at Selwyn. Members of the JCR are represented within College and the wider university by an elected JCR Committee, consisting of up to twenty-two officers, each with specific responsibilities. More information about the JCR, the JCR Committee, and the services & benefits the JCR provides can be found at or on Facebook (

7.8.1 The Common Room

The term ‘JCR’ also refers to a common room, based in Ann’s Court, which can be used by all undergraduates throughout the year. The JCR is an informal space combining a bar area (including a microwave, kettle, sink, and cupboards) with a living area. Members can play pool or table tennis, as well as using the recently installed TV (which includes NOW TV) and Nintendo Wii.

Every week, the JCR hosts ’Sunday Tea’, a weekly welfare event organised by the JCR Committee at which members can relax and chat over free tea, coffee, and other refreshments. All members are always welcome to attend.

Please note that the JCR should not be used in a way which excludes others.

7.8.2 TV Room

The TV room, with its large screen, is located adjacent to the JCR and contains comfortable chairs and sofas. There is a PlayStation 4 and several games for JCR members to use, as well as a NOW TV subscription for watching live sports. It is also the venue for occasional film nights and other events, hosted by both the JCR and other Selwyn societies. Please note that members of the JCR can ‘book’ the TV Room to view a certain programme using the form available on the JCR Website.

7.8.3 Printing and Computer Facility

Adjacent to both the JCR and the TV room, this room offers similar printing and computer facilities to those in the library – and is often much less busy, particularly during exam term. Printing costs are the same as those in the library. There is also a laminator, which is owned by the JCR and available for use by contacting the JCR Committee.

7.8.4 Sports and Societies

Members of the JCR can join and participate a wide range of sports teams and other societies within College, details of which can be found at