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7.9 Public Rooms

As of October 2020 the College is using the public rooms it has available as distanced meeting and supervision spaces. None are therefore currently available as usual and outside events are not being booked until further notice.

In addition to the JCR/MCR, some public rooms may be reserved by any member of the College for public or private functions. The Chadwick Room is divisible into two rooms by a retractable partition. When opened up, it will seat up to 130 people theatre-style. The Kathleen Lyttelton Room and the Walters Room are especially suitable for meetings of societies; the Arthur Lyttelton Room is more suitable for smaller meetings. For certain types of function, the Diamond in Cripps Court may also be reserved; this is suitable for concerts, plays etc. Details of the charges for use of these rooms can be obtained from the Conference and Events Office.

The rooms must be booked through the Conference and Events Office using the online form. Public rooms must always be left in a suitable condition for the next booking; they are often used by more than one group on the same day. Bookings must be made by a member of the College – for College societies there is no charge. The Dean’s permission must also be sought for use of the Hall or Gardens for any sort of function and for functions that include music or where alcohol is served.

Any of the public rooms may be used for College events (Open Meetings, JCR/MCR elections etc.), and must be booked in the usual way through the Conference and Events Office. The College reserves the right to refuse or cancel bookings where the purpose is deemed to be inconsistent with the College’s charitable objectives as outlined in the Events and Speakers and Freedom of Speech policies and other statutory obligations.

The College is currently building a new 130 seat auditorium. This will be available for use in early 2021.