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The Fellows


The Fellows are the Senior Members of the College. They are academics, many of whom also have appointments as lecturers or professors in the University.

The Fellows divide their time between their own research, their University teaching (mostly lectures) and their College teaching duties (such as supervisions or being a Director of Studies). The fact that most of the Fellows have a dual role in both the College and the University is an important factor in binding the Colleges and University together as a single institution.

The College also has a number of Fellows who are employed solely by Selwyn. These include the Bursar, who is the principal financial and administrative officer, several research Fellows who are junior academics starting out on their careers, and a number of College Teaching Officers whose focus is on teaching specific subjects.

All of the Fellows are focussed on making sure that your experience as a student studying at Selwyn is as good as we can make it – be it in terms of the teaching you receive, the facilities we offer or the care with which you are looked after.

Please see the list of current Fellows