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8.3 Student Records and Supervision Reports


8.3.1 CamSIS

The University has a database used by the central administration, the Colleges, and University departments. It is called CamSIS (Cambridge Student Information System) and provides staff and students with up-to-date technology for holding and processing administrative information.

In order to access CamSIS you will need to log in to your Student Self-Service screen. You will need your Raven Password to do this (NB: your user ID is the same as your CRSid – the section before your email address.) To collect your Raven Password, go to the following website and follow the on-line instructions

Once you have your Raven Password, you can access CamSIS pages:

You should check that the personal information held on you is correct (via the Student Registration link). It is especially important that you enter emergency/home contact details into the appropriate fields. Early in the Michaelmas Term, you will need also to submit your examination entry (via the Enrol in an Examination link), after consulting with your Director of Studies about your choice of papers. It is important that you keep your personal information (e.g. telephone numbers, home address) up-to-date in CamSIS.

8.3.2 Your Supervision Reports

  1. Go to the CamCORS home page ( Click ‘log in’ at top right of screen.
  2. On the Raven sign-in page, put CRSiD (the beginning part of your Cambridge email address) as your username.
  3. Type in your Raven password.
  4. Click ‘Main Menu’.
  5. Click ‘View Supervision Reports’.
  6. You need to make sure that the term selected in the drop-down list is the one you seek the Report from. You can put in other criteria, but this isn’t necessary for a simple search for all the reports available to you.
  7. Click ‘Search for Reports’.
  8. A summary list of the reports will appear. Click the ‘View’ button beneath the list. You will only be able to view comments on reports which have been submitted by the supervisor. Please be aware also that some supervisors will continue to submit supervision reports on paper rather than using CamCORS.
  9. To get back to the summary list, click ‘Cancel/Go Back’ at the bottom of the screen (instead of the usual back button you might use).
  10. If you want to print your reports, click ‘Display PDF’ and then print.
  11. If you have any questions or concerns about your reports, please do not hesitate to contact your Director of Studies or your Tutor as appropriate. There is an email button on the summary page which gives the relevant email links and opens a message form for you to complete.
  12. If you experience any difficulty using the system, please consult the manual for students available on the CamCORS home page or email the (Tutorial Office Manager).