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8.4 Transport


8.4.1 Bicycles

Many students find that a bicycle is much the best way to get around Cambridge. Clean, quick, convenient and environmentally friendly, as the window of one Cambridge bike shop puts it, ‘If the bicycle were invented tomorrow, it would be hailed as the solution and not the problem.’ You will see that the College encourages cycling in various ways, not least the ample provision of cycle parking.

However, cycle theft is endemic in Cambridge. As a precaution, the University requires all students to register their bicycles in Cambridge. Please register your bike on-line through the College website. Once you have done this, collect a tag from a duty Porter who will attach it to your bike. Mopeds are treated in much the same way as bicycles. At the point of registration the Porters will advise on parking.

There are secured bicycle sheds between the Library and 38, Grange Road, behind M and N staircases in Cripps Court, and near Ann’s Court and 21, West Road by the Ramsay Murray Gate. Entry is via your room key. It is most important that you close the gates behind you to maintain security. Please leave bicycles neatly and separately in the bicycle sheds.

It is not recommended that you bring an expensive bicycle to Cambridge.

The College cannot accept responsibility for the loss, damage or unauthorised use of bicycles stored in the bicycle sheds. Always lock your bicycle or moped when it is left unattended, and keep an accurate description of it, including the frame number. Bicycles should not be left at any time on the College premises except in the bicycle sheds, or in the racks in front of Old Court. Especially they should not be left leaning against the walls of the College nor kept in College residential buildings. They may not be ridden on the College paths or taken into the College Courts. Under no circumstances may bicycles be brought into College rooms or communal areas. Please also respect the Fellows’ cycle spaces.

The College undertakes an annual cull of unidentifiable bicycles and will not accept responsibility for the removal of any unregistered bicycle.

Cycling can be dangerous and the narrow streets of Cambridge can be a challenge for cyclists. You are strongly advised to purchase a suitable helmet and to wear it whenever you cycle. Cyclists must also comply with all the relevant legal requirements; brakes and lights should be in good working order. The police regularly fine students caught without lights. At all times you should cycle carefully and with due care and consideration for other road users and pedestrians.

In order to encourage the use of cycle helmets and lights, the JCR has a subsidy scheme, whereby you can claim £10 off the purchase of a helmet. (One refund per person, unless an existing helmet is damaged in an accident.) To claim, write your name on the shop receipt and give it to the JCR Treasurer. You can also claim a refund of £5 against the purchase of a single light, or £10 in the case of a set of front and rear lights (one subsidy per person). For further information on cycling in Cambridge see the CamCycle web site; and a cycleway map of Cambridge and the surrounding area.

8.4.2 Cars and Motorcycles

Owing to traffic problems in Cambridge, the University and Colleges are under an obligation to the local authorities to restrict the use of motor vehicles by students. It is an offence against University rules for a student to keep, hire or drive a car or motorcycle within ten miles of Cambridge while in residence in Term or in the Long Vacation without permission. The University Motor Proctor may impose a fine of £175 can be imposed by for breaches of this rule.

An exception may occasionally be made if there are special individual circumstances, or, more rarely, if the vehicle is essential for a University Department or a University or College club or society. A University Licence is required. Undergraduates have to demonstrate exceptional need and very few licences are granted.

Permission to have a motor vehicle in Cambridge is also, without exception, dependent on suitable arrangements being made with the College for off-street parking, and the Head Porter can advise on this. The form to apply for permission to park a vehicle is available from the Porters. A charge may also be made for parking each Term. Having completed the College process, you will then need to obtain a University Licence. To do this you will need to complete the application online. The application link and guidance about applying are available on the web site of the Special Pro-Proctor for Motor Vehicles. Please note that you require a letter of support from your Tutor as part of the application.

If you obtain permission to keep a car in Cambridge, you must also make arrangements with the Head Porter to register and be allocated parking space in College. Please use the designated form for this purpose.

8.4.3 The University Bus Service

There is a University bus service UNIVERSAL, which links West Cambridge (Park and Ride, Vet School, Cavendish Lab, Sports Centre etc) to Grange Road (Selwyn’s nearest stops are just before the West Road junction opposite the rugby ground or on West Road a little beyond the Music Faculty), the city centre, the railway station and Addenbrooke’s Hospital. It provides an excellent way of getting around. It may also be very helpful if you have visitors coming from outside Cambridge by rail or by road; the latter can park on the outskirts of the city at designated Park and Ride Sites. The Madingley Road (A428) Park and Ride is the site served by the bus service. University Card holders qualify for a fare of £1 per journey.