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5.4.3 University Funds


There is a range of support available centrally from the University as well as College support. See for details.

The key University support fund operates on the assumption that any given student will usually only receive a maximum of £2,000 per annum. Tutors apply on behalf of students for funding, the deadlines being at the division (mid-point) of each term. Cambridge Bursary Scheme

Most graduate students are not eligible for a Cambridge Bursary. To be eligible for a bursary a student must be a Home or EU student doing a Cambridge full-time undergraduate course as their first degree. This includes some students who have qualified for the BA degree but who are still classed as undergraduates. The principal categories are: Clinical medical and veterinary students doing the 4th, 5th and 6th year of their course; any student doing a course at undergraduate level in Medicine, Veterinary Science or Architecture even if this is not their first degree; Bachelor of Theology students who receive a means-tested grant; or MPhil students in Architecture and Urban Design.  Please see for further details. Childcare Bursaries

The College pays into a University Bursary Fund for Childcare which provides grants to overseas and EU student parents. If you have childcare costs while you study here, both pre-school and after school, you should ask your Tutor for details and complete an application form in the Michaelmas Term.

Eligible Home students with children receive financial support through public funding. In a few cases this is not the case and a fund exists to make small awards to support childcare costs incurred by Home students in financial hardship under the remit of the Childcare Office for Home student parents. Please consult: Medical Expenses

Crane’s Charity exists to support students who are ill and who can demonstrate financial  need.

For expenses relating to a disability please see or contact the Disability Resource Centre