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5.4.5 Loans


Some students finance their studies with government approved loans. An officer in the Student Registry’s Fees and Funding Office may assist with the administration of loans from outside lenders. From the academic year 2016-17 Home/EU Postgraduates (residency rules apply for eligibility) may apply to Student Finance for Postgraduate loan up to £10K. The loan is a contribution to costs of their course, paid directly to student. Certain Master’s courses are eligible. Then college confirms student attendance via the Student Loan Company website in order that this loan money is released to the student.  The student registry deals with the administration of US loans. The college confirms attendance and course dates. The monies are paid directly to the college and it deals with this in accordance with the loan conditions. The monies are offset against bills and the remaining balance paid to the student within the set time period.  For more information please consult and