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Summer Events


Selwyn College Webinar Series

If you’re in Years 10 - 12 (or equivalent) and starting to wonder about university (what goes on there, is it for me, and how can I make a competitive application) Selwyn College’s series of free webinars is here to help. Whilst most of the sessions are Cambridge specific, we will feature information that can be used to apply to either your current studies or applications to any UK university.

This programme aims to:

  • Give students the information and confidence to consider and make competitive applications to universities, including Oxbridge, in the future

  • Enable students to make good A Level (or equivalent) choices in regards to applying to university

  • Introduce students to the broad range of subjects available to study at university

  • Develop study skills ready for GCSEs, sixth form and beyond

By registering, students will be able to sign-up to whichever webinars they wish to attend. See our full programme below and SIGN UP HERE!

Our programme:

Introduction to Oxbridge 2021 - Thursday 15th July, 4:30pm (Y10 - Y12) - Registration now closed

We’ll hear from some of our current students to unpack the structure of Oxford and Cambridge, from Colleges to supervisions, and challenge some all-too-common myths as we go.

Personal Statement Guidance - Monday 19th July, 4:30pm (Y12) - Registration now closed 

This session will get you thinking like a university admissions tutor, understanding what personal statements are for and what mistakes to be aware of. There’s no one perfect formula to personal statements – indeed, they have to be personal! – so we want to give you the confidence to express and represent yourself in that tricky space of 4000 characters, no matter where you’re applying.

Guidance for A Level Choices - Thursday 29th July, 4:30pm (Y10 - Y11)

In Years 10 and 11, applying to university can feel like a million miles away and, whilst you’ve still got time to develop as a student, we want to provide you with the facts now to help you make the most informed A Level (or equivalent) decisions with a view to making competitive applications to university courses in future.

Thinking about Careers via University - Thursday 12th August, 10am (Y10 - Y12)

Going to university means exploring your academic passion, working in new ways in state-of-the-art facilities, socialising with people from around the country and world, and so much more. It is also a considerable investment which can open many doors. Lots of employers look for the same skills students gain at university, from essay writing, time management and team work to specialist course knowledge. Find out what opportunities are available to students, from internships to extra-curricular societies and through university careers services like our centre here in Cambridge.

Understanding Course Choice - Wednesday 25th August, 4pm (Y10 - Y12)

With hundreds of courses to choose from across the UK’s universities, we’ll signpost you to some helpful online resources, hear how current students chose their degree subject and leave you with questions to reflect upon.

Student Life Panel - Tuesday 31st August, 4pm (Y10 - Y12)

We’ll be speaking to current Selwyn students about what they get up to in their free time, with the opportunity to send in your questions about socialising and life in general at university.

Applying to Cambridge: Overview - Monday 13th September, 4:30pm (Y11 - Y12 - now Y12 - Y13)

Did you know that the UCAS application deadline for Cambridge (and Oxford) is 15th October? This is three months earlier than most other universities because we gather more data, through interviews, a questionnaire, and maybe extra tests called admissions assessments. We’ll break down the application calendar so you’re well prepared if you decide you’d like to apply!

Admissions Assessments and Interviews: Guidance and Preparation - Monday 20th September, 4:30pm (Y12 – now Y13)

We’ll run through admissions assessments, signpost helpful preparation materials, and hear from current students who have been through the process before. We’ll also talk through what happens at the interview stage – it might be very different from how they’re portrayed in the papers! – and what to expect with online interviews once again this year.

Eligibility and Priority:

Selwyn’s webinars are open to any student currently studying in Year 10 – Year 12 or equivalent (2020-21 academic year) at a UK state school. They are also open to students in these years at any school who are eligible for Free School Meals, Pupil Premium or the 16-19 Bursary, or are in care or care experienced, or who identify as an ethnicity which is currently underrepresented at Cambridge.

Since the events are online, we have greater capacity than usual. In the unlikely event that a webinar becomes oversubscribed, we will give priority to students in our Link Areas and then to students in higher years. We will be in touch if we do not have the capacity to offer you a place on one of our webinars.

All attendees are required to have read and agree to Selwyn’s Code of Conduct for virtual events.