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5.7 Music Awards


5.7.1 Music fund

All undergraduates reading Music and all undergraduates holding a Music Award (Organ, Choral, or Instrumental) are entitled to receive a contribution towards the cost of the instrumental/singing lessons. Details of funding to undergraduates reading Music and to holders of Music awards in 2015-16 will be communicated to those eligible at the beginning of Michaelmas Term.

5.7.2 Choral Awards

Around six Choral Exhibitions (£100 per annum, normally tenable for three years) are offered each year, for all voices. Holders of Choral awards form the nucleus of the Chapel Choir. All members of the Choir are expected to attend all rehearsals and services, participate in periodic concerts, recordings, tours etc, and take an active part in the general musical life of the College.

5.7.2 Instrumental Awards

Instrumental Awards (£100 per annum, normally tenable for three years) are offered every year for certain instruments. Instrumental award holders also receive professional ensemble coaching and subsidies for their instrumental lessons. For details, see the current Cambridge Admissions Prospectus.

5.7.4 Organ Scholarships

Organ Scholarships (£450 per annum, normally tenable for three years) are offered in two out of every three years. The Organ Scholar’s responsibilities include playing for chapel services, both choral and non-choral, and assisting the Director of Music in the preparation of all services and rehearsals. The Scholars are expected to take a leading part in the musical life of the College, and to conduct and arrange concerts in consultation with the Director of Music.