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5.8 Sports and Societies’ Grants


5.8.1 Grants to individuals

As a result of generous donations made by alumni the College has a number of funds available to help students with their sporting expenses, especially those competing at University or national level. There is an application form for these grants, and the procedure for applying will be advertised in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms for completion at the beginning of the following Term. Grants will only be made to cover expenses incurred during the academic year during which the claim is made and not retrospectively for the previous year(s). In some cases this may entail an estimate being made of the expenditure that will be incurred during Easter Term.

Grants may occasionally be made to help College teams with the costs of kit, hire of facilities or the purchase of specialist equipment. They should first apply through the process below.

5.8.2 College Societies and Sports Clubs

The College provides support for student Clubs and Societies, some of which has been raised through alumni donations. The applications should be made by the deadline in early November and using the form provided for that purpose: Applications for funds. In applying for and accepting funds, all societies and clubs are signing up to the College’s Guidelines. They must also follow the guidance for clubs and societies and be registered with the Dean. Any society or club which applies for funding from the College must be open to all junior members.

Clubs should apply to the Societies Fund for support and should also explore other funding opportunities such as sponsorship before making an application to the Sports Grants funds. 

Further details and an application form for both types of application are available online.